Kickstarting Silicon Valley’s next Smart IoT Company

Founded in Silicon Valley in 2011, is the smartest security system available for small business and home market. We helped apso to develop its apso, unit system. Working closely with the engineering and research, we innovated the now, apso product design and the apso digital universe which controls, the devises on web and mobile….

Design Thinking & Product Innovation Workshops

We may have outlined a direct and linear Design Thinking process in which one stage seemingly leads to the next with a logical conclusion at user testing. However, in practice, the process is carried out in a more flexible and non-linear fashion. For example, more than one stage may be conducted concurrently by different groups within the design team, or the designers may collect information and prototype during the entire project so as to enable them to bring their ideas to life and visualise the problem solutions. Also, results from the testing phase may reveal some insights about users, which in turn may lead to another brainstorming session (ideation) or the development of new prototypes.

Innovation. HCD way

Purpose, experimentation, collaboration, empowerment, looking out (i.e. staying informed about what’s happening in the industry), and refinement (the ability to successfully execute new ideas).