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Retail Strategy

We work with clients to achieve sustainable performance gains by expanding markets, improving formats, building partnerships, and ensuring capital productivity.

Our Retail offerings

Our teams support clients in strategic retail value creation.

Retail Experience of the Future

As retailers anticipate reopening, they need more than a checklist of sanitization practices. They need an actionable vision that will set them apart. The good news is that innovative ways of operating were already being prototyped on a smaller scale before Covid-19. This moment of transition allows us to pivot toward a more resilient and meaningful future. Three principles retailers should consider as they rationalize and redesign their presence are: physical spaces as an escape, the store as a stage, and digital experiences as collective memory.

Strategic Consulting:

As core practitioners of human-centered appraoch , we keep people at the center of our work.

Business concept development with predicted and un-predicted retail scenarios provides complete solutions to enable execution with standard operating business processes that can be agile and react swiftly to external dynamics.

Retail logistics consultancy

We help founders to build companies that disrupt the market.

In an industry already known for thin margins, these changes can increase cost pressures and uncertainty for retailers while opening the door to significant opportunities. Traditional approaches will no longer work in the face of change; now is the time to clearly define new aspirations, make fundamental changes to operating models, and rethink retail.