Starting the Intelligent lock Revolution

Apso first came to HCD for help harnessing the power of their best-in-class intelligent security technology. The result of the engagement was the creation of the ApsoUni, the world’s smartest security system and mobile platform, designed to raise the standard for living and sharing things on-the-go—and a completely new company identity to match..

HCD and Apso partnered to create a smart security sytem that helps users celebrate all of life's moments, wherever they are, without compromising accessibility . Featuring a simplified user experience, superior security capability and built-in BLE sensors, the Apso Uni is the go-to solution for capturing both casual and extreme adventures..


Leading with AI & modular design

Apso wanted to create a universal security system which will work across the globe. With the design of modular parts of the locking system apso achieved this pan globe reach. The apso securty app uses user data to learn user interactions with the system , eventually becomes personalised security notifications system.

The apso smart lock is powered by a smart platform , allows the users seamless interaction on the network.With apso engineers hcdnow created product interactive and digital experiences to enable this
Apso smart connect with users realtime, creating trust in this secure system using interactions and form design was the challenge .

Seamless feel of approachability and soft but secure form design helps apso to gain the trust of its users. Are you making a new product that can change industry? Talk to us have we can help you get the right combination of technology and design. To know how design thinking can help up solve your next challenge
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