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eHosptial streamlines the patient, provider, and administrative experiences through affordable and dynamic healthcare solutions . With a global presence in over 13 countries, in-depth expertise, and proven business services in the healthcare industry, we provide a complete healthcare ecosystem that enables care providers to unparallel health care experience.

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HCD Care benefits

  • Improved Patient experience – HCD uses its optimized platform for a streamlined experience for patients and health care staff.
  • Decrease unnecessary/redundant testing – better patient care, cost management
  • Medical History management in cloud
  • Physician access/knowledge of the complexity of a patient’s medical history – improve care continuum, ensure accurate billing
  • Fully integrated healthcare ecosystem with modular solutions – enhance revenue, lower costs
  • Provider ease – real-time coding and charge capture capabilities for an improved revenue stream
  • Deep integration with logistics partners. - delivery of medicine/ home testing/home care/ can be integrated easily to provide complete care experience

Create your branded hospital app

HCD will allow you to have your own branded app within seven days of implementation. The Care app will work seamlessly with your existing Hospital Management system. HCD also provided an integrated hospital management system for a better experience

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HCD care will allow reaching patients and caregivers across the globe; increased reach will result in patient retention.
eClinic smart network of connected healthcare systems

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