Finishing of silk scarves
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Lampshade Lauterbrunnental Jungfrau

Lampshade Lauterbrunnental Jungfrau

Lampshades with digitally printed motives

why would I make lampshades when actually fashion accessories are my product line?

Nowadays this is called  U p c y c l i n g.

A new term. The idea is in no way new.

Basically I am a creative and practical person. I do not like waste.

I have made new products out of old ones, of leftovers, of torn and broken pieces, of overproduction – you name it.

This I have done all my life.

I also love to take industrial material and use it in a completly different context.

Many of my low-tech creations have been in use for years.

It was therefore nothing special that I asked my producers in Italy to send me every piece of silk that they cut off when finishing the printed scarves.

Quite a bit of fabric gets lost during the digital printing process. About a meter is lost when printing begins (see picture) and then, at a certain point, one piece of fabric ends and the next starts.

beginning of the digital printing process

beginning of the digital printing process

The pieces are stitched together to assure continuous printing.

That ending never makes a full scarf.

So I asked myself what I could do with those pieces of printed silk.

Once I had seen digitally printed lampshades.

I did some research to find a supplier for what I needed to make lampshades.

digital printing process_

digital printing process_

Experimenting was necessary.

It is a challenge to bring a delicate silk fabric onto a stiff and sticky foil so that the fabric, once it sticks to the foil, keeps its rectangular structure.

It is possible. See my results!

My lampshade collection is very limited. I do keep some lampshades in stock.

Normally I make the lampshades on order depending on motive and size requested by the customer.

Of course I only work with my motives